Weekly Schedule Printable

One of the main problems that I run into during the semester is my time management, or uhh…lack thereof I suppose. I write down major assignments and things to do in my planner, but still, far too often I find myself watching TV when I could be doing something much more productive. So what’s the solution?

Time-blocking, my friends.

weekly schedule

This is a template that I created with spaces for each day of the week on the top, and times running down the left side.You can download and print the black and white schedule HERE . The first page is just like the one above with times specified. I also included one with blank slots so you can fill in your own time if you need something different:)  I like to color code my blocks to correlate with specific things like studying, lectures, and free time.

Weekly schedule photo

You have no idea how much having a visual representation helps! This way, I’m able to see what my day has in store at a glance, and I’m not as tempted to keep clicking ‘play next episode’. I hope that it helps you too!

Happy planning!

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